Each of these ministries is open to anyone who wishes to serve God through serving parish community. If you think God has given you a gift to serve, please call the Rectory at (516) 883-6675.

Administrative | Education | Liturgical | Service

Administrative Ministries

CATHOLIC MINISTRIES APPEAL COMMITTEE coordinates the diocesan Annual Catholic Ministries appeal for our parish.
Contact: Irene Bergin~(516) 883-8126

FINANCE MINISTRY has its own select group of parishioners who are made up of the Finance, Counters, and Tuition Committees. Each has its own group of parishioners who are appointed by the pastor to assist him with the financial needs of the parish.
Contact: Charles Henderson~(516) 883-5080

IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY (IHM) LEAGUE raises funds to meet the needs of the IHM Sisters. The two annual fundraisers are, The Holly Fair and the spring Plant Sale.
Contact: Audrey Calpin~(516) 365-1740

ANNUAL PARISH PARTY/DINNER DANCE is the largest fundraiser for the parish each year. Funds are raised through tickets sales, auctions, raffles, and journal sales. The money is used to support our parish needs.
Contact: Mary Giordano and Rick Atkinson~(516) 680-4924 or; Janice and Tom McGrath~(516) 655-1736 or

PASTORAL COUNCIL is an advisory committee appointed by the Pastor. They assist in determining the needs and objectives of our parish community.
Contact: Joe DeMerit~(516) 883-0484

SCHOOL BOARD is made up of parents of our parochial school children who are elected to oversee the implementation of Diocesan school policy.
Contact: Pete Conneely~(516) 944-0708

ST. PETER’S SHOP SMART where shoppers, school parents, and parishioners can generate free revenue for St. Peter’s by shopping for groceries with SCRIP and shopping online at more than 700 merchants through OneCause or applying for a Chase Visa OneCause card.
Contact: Mary Byrnes~(516) 767-0684; Maura Vernice~(516) 883-3930; Trish Colucci~(516) 570-2537

THE TIMOTHY C. KELLY SCHOOL CELEBRATION is the major fundraising event for St. Peter’s School sponsored by the Parent Teacher Organization.
Contact: Barbara Bergin~(516) 627-2107

TRUSTEES are appointed by the pastor.
Contact: Philip Ressa~(516) 227-2929; Mary P. Giordano~(516) 883-9743


Education Ministries

FAITH SHARING MINISTRY encourages faith sharing at the end of masses. This ministry hopes to reach out to those who rarely come to mass or not at all.
Contact: Deacon Joe Bianco~(516) 883-6675

IHM SPIRITUALITY CENTER offers a variety of enriching day programs throughout the year as well as personal direction  More information is on their website,
Contact: Mary Nuzzolese ~ (516) 883-2782

PARISH READING GROUP offers an opportunity to meet bi-monthly and discuss books that enhance our spirituality and growth as Catholics.

RELIGIOUS FORMATION is a process through which adults, children and families are invited to a deepening of the way of life expressed by God through, with, and in Jesus.
Contact: MaryChristine O. Thomsen~(516) 883-5584

ST. PETER’S SCHOOL is dedicated to educating our students in a supportive, caring and spiritual environment.
Contact: Robert Windorf, Principal~(516) 944-3772

PARENT & TEACHER ORGANIZATION plans activities for the families and children of St. Peter’s School as well as fund raising events.
Contact: Laura Dunphy~(516) 443-3238

Liturgical Ministries

ADORATION volunteers set up the church for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament each Wednesday at 11:00 A.M., concluding with Benediction at 3:30 P.M.
Contact: Gloria Malley~(516) 767-0288; Bette Russo~(516) 767-9179

ALTAR SERVERS are boys and girls, 4th grade and above, who serve at all parish liturgies.
Contact: Deacon Joseph Bianco~(516) 883-6675

BAPTISM MINISTRY prepares parents to baptize their child into our faith. Parents meet with a priest or deacon before the baptism and attend a baptismal program.

EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS are a trained group of parishioners who assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, at the Sands Point Nursing Home, and to the home bound and hospitalized.
Mass: Deacon Frank D’Angelo (516) 742-7601
Marilyn DiToro   (516) 883-6775
Carolyn Hall   (516) 944-7057
Homebound: Marge Bodendorf   (516) 883-1356
North Shore Hospital: Ron Moraffe (516) 338-6076
Nursing Home: Corazon Seguritan   (516) 570-2142

FAMILY MASS COMMITTEE plans the Liturgy for the 9:00A.M Mass on Sunday. The focus is on celebrating with familes
Contact: Colleen Nawojchik~(516) 708-9765; Kelly Cucunato~(516) 944-5484

LECTORS are parishioners who are trained to proclaim the Word of God at all Masses and other liturgical events.
Contact: Margaret DeMarino~(516) 883-9632

MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT programs offer support to couples who are preparing for the sacrament of marriage.

FOCCUS COUPLES meet with our engaged couples in preparation for Pre-Cana.
Contact: Mara & Nicholas Sarchese~(516) 883-4822

PRE-CANA is a program of spiritual and moral guidance to help prepare engaged couples for a Christian married life.
Contact: Rectory~(516) 883-6675

WEDDING COORDINATORS oversee the wedding rehearsals and weddings.
Contact: Susan Giordano~ (516) 883-6675

LITURGY COMMITTEE is responsible for assisting the pastor and pastoral staff in the preparation and presentation of special events for the honor and glory of God.
Contact: Kay Lynch~(516) 883-1547

SPANISH APOSTOLATE serves the spiritual and temporal needs of our growing Hispanic family.
Contact: Fr. Pilar Arnulfo Urquilla Sosa~(516) 883-6675

Baptism: Tina y Lino Figueroa, Carmen y Aurelio Delgado
Choir (Liturgy): Orlando Castillo
Choir (Charismatic): Jose Hernandez
Eucharistic Ministers: Alba Duarte
Lectors: Maria Parra
Pre-Cana: Rene y Margarita Gonzalez
Social: Celina y Daniel Castillo, Alba y Benjamin Duarte

MUSIC MINISTRY choir sings at the 10:30A.M. Sunday Mass and various other liturgical celebrations throughout the year. Cantors lead the congregation in the singing at our other Masses. A children’s choir meets each fall and sings at the 4:00 P.M. Christmas Liturgy.
Contact: Robert Bobek~(516) 967-4710

RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR ADULTS (RCIA) is a process for adults and children 8 years and older who wish to become Catholic or have been Baptized and need to receive Confirmation and / or First Eucharist.
Contact: Rev. Patrick Whitney~(516) 883-6675

USHERS are men and women who assist in the welcoming and seating of the congregation at all liturgical celebrations. They also take up the monetary collection and assist in maintaining proper decorum during services.
Contact: Tom McAvey~(516) 883-7720; Bernard Lough~(516) 944-8638

GREETERS offer the smile and welcome words of Jesus at the entrance to St. Peter’s for Saturday & Sunday masses. All parishioners, and especially guests, are welcomed.
Contact: Alice Malloy~(516)708-1244; Bill Palafox~(516) 767-6185; Terry Zenobio~(516) 883-3456

 Service Ministries

ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS seeks to aid newly arrived Irish to foster Irish culture, to be at the forefront of issues concerning the Irish, and to serve as a bridge with Ireland for those generations removed from their ancestral heritage.
Contact: John Crawley~(516) 633-2040

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS & COLUMBIETTES are Catholic service organizations that sponsor fund raising events. They provide scholarships to Catholic high schools and to our diocesan seminary.
Contact: Rick Atkinson~(516) 680-4979

BEREAVEMENT is a weekly support group that provides comfort and support for anyone who has recently experienced a loss.
Contact: Yvonne Calabrese~(516)883-4817; Rose Osterberg~(516) 883-2607

CHILDREN’S BEREAVEMENT group meets in 8-week cycles and is offered by a certified social worker. Parent consultation is also available.
Contact: Kelly Dennis~(516) 767-2749

CONSOLATION MINISTRY assists grieving families to plan for the funeral liturgy, serve as greeters, lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and cake bakers.
Contact: Lourdes Taglialatela~(516) 883-0365

GIRL SCOUTS provide educational and social development of young girls grades K-8.
Contact: Virginia D’Alonzo Sikes~(516) 359-5317; Deirdre Conneely~(516) 944-0708

CUB SCOUTS provides an educational program for boys, building character, responsibility and promoting physical fitness.
Contact: Cathy Mezzich~(516) 627-5592

CHRISTIAN YOUTH ORGANIZATION (CYO) is an athletic program for youth that is coordinated and coached by adults in our parish.
Contact: Rev. Patrick Whitney~(516) 883-6675; Michael

GARGOYLE is our parish magazine that is published quarterly. Parishioners provide the articles and pictures.
Contact: Karen Vetrone~(516) 944-8709 or (516) 467-7212

STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY fosters the values of sharing our, Time, Talent and Treasure with others in gratitude to God. Champions the needs for all parish ministries.
Contact: Bill Palafox~(516) 728-4389

THE MISSION BOARD pledges to seek out opportunities for our parish family to serve in faith, love, and support for our fellow brothers and sisters within our local communities and around the world so as to be the hands of Christ to others. Meetings take place to discuss ways to bring this Mission Statement into practice.
Contact: Julie and Mike Giunta~(516) 241-4970; Gloria and Dick Grafer~(516) 627-4997

PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRY carries our love of God into action in service of our neighbors. Volunteers staff our office to assist in meeting the needs of those who come to us.
Contact: Lourdes Taglialatela~(516) 883-0365
Job Bank: Judi Henderson~ (516) 883-5941
Food Pantry: Leona Murphy~ (516) 767-1586

RESPECT LIFE COMMITTEE strives to educate people on the dignity of all life, from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.
Contact: Frank Russo~(516) 767-9179

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY is a dedicated group of men and women who help their neighbors in need. They visit the homes of those in need in our parish and assist them materially and spiritually.
Contact: Diane Regan~(516) 316-7422

WELCOMING COMMITTEE visits newly registered families letting them know of the many parish activities
Contact: Mary DeNisco~(516) 883-2840

Contact: Deacon Frank D’Angelo~(516) 742-7601