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1317 Port Washington Boulevard, Port Washington, NY 11050
(Rear of the IHM Spirituality Center,  by St. Peter's School Playground)

Director: Lourdes  O. Taglialatela
Phone: 516-883-0365  ~  Fax:  516-767-2941
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What is Parish Social Ministry?

Parish Social Ministry, also known as Outreach, is about people living out their baptismal call to love and serve one another, as it is written…"As I have loved you, so you must love one another." ~ Gospel of St. John 13:34.  It follows and upholds the The 7 Themes of Catholic Social Teaching.   

What Does Parish Social Ministry Do?

Parish Social Ministry helps our parish community respond to those who are hurting, and helps those in need to attain self-sufficiency. Parish Social Ministry also attempts to advocate on a local and national level for a just society that protects everyone’s God-given human dignity.

Who Can Get Help?

Anyone who lives within our geographical boundaries regardless of race, legal status, ethnicity or religious affiliation is eligible - we do not discriminate in any way. You may call the Parish Social Ministry Offices at 516-883-0365 or come in to verify your address and discuss your unique situation and needs further. Registered and active parishioners however are eligible regardless of geographical location. You may also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How Do We Help?

Parish Social Ministry provides a resource of information and referrals for the parish and for the community of Port Washington, as a whole.  Most importantly, we provide individuals and families in need of immediate assistance with food (twice a month), clothing, basic needs of living, and in some cases financial assistance.* (*Please note: Economic assistance can never be guaranteed and is always dependent upon, first and foremost, available funds, and is subject to a case by case evaluation.)

In addition, we also provide: