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We are a weekly support group that provides comfort and support for anyone who has recently experienced a loss.  We meet every Friday, except Good Friday (with a few possible exceptions), at 8:00 p.m. in the IHM Spirituality Center (Blue Door).  If you are new to the group, please reach out and call one of our Bereavement Group Leaders below, prior to attending.




Yvonne Calabrese
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Rose Osterberg

What is a Bereavement Group?

The Bereavement Support Group is a group of people who have experienced the death of a loved one or close friend.  We help each other by giving mutual support and understanding as we share our experiences.

As unique individuals, we each handle grief in our own ways.  We try to break the silence and loneliness that many times accompany grief.  We encourage expression and shared feelings.  We listen with compassion and understanding.  We offer a safe place to hear our pain.

Why Have a Bereavement Group?

Despite the knowledge that death is a circumstance that none of us can avoid, most of us are never really prepared for the experience when it comes.  After the funeral, when we are no longer surrounded by concerned relatives and friends, the bereaved find themselves isolated within a society where the topics of death and bereavement are fearfully avoided and hushed in embarrassment and silence.  The reality of grief can become so intense that we become confused, angry, and lonely; we develop feelings of guilt, and start to question our faith.  We are unable to cope, to understand and see any future hope for happiness and a return to normal life.  When grief is denied, the effects can be tragic.  Unresolved grief turned inward can have severe effects, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Who Should Come to a Bereavement Group Meeting?

The bereaved or not so recently bereaved: widows/widowers/parents/siblings/friends.  In short, anyone who feels the pain of a loss and needs to feel a sense of community with others in the same situation should come and share.